Brazilian Work Permit

Visumservice can assist you with obtaining Brazilian work permits. We handle the process from A-Z, from ensuring you get the right type of visa, dialogue with the Brazilian ministry of Labour, to delivering the visa to you when its ready.
To start the process, you simply need to fill out the form in the link below, but before you do that we advise you to take a minute to read this short description of the process:
Before we can apply for your company´s first work permit through Visumservice, we need to obtain a PoA from your company. This must be sent to Brazil for approval. Granting us permission to apply for work permits on behalf of your company is a one time process, and does not need to be repeated.
As soon as that is done we can start applying for your work permits. The process usually takes from 3-6 weeks from we get the initial details about your applicants to the visa is ready to be applied at your local Brazilian embassy, which takes an additional 1-4 weeks depending on where you reside. 
The work permit application is handled by our Danish Visumservice office and the visa application at your local Brazilian embassy is handled by your local Visumservice office or agent.
Price list:
Are you ready to apply for a hassle free work permit to Brazil? Fill out the form in this link to start the process.